In the realm of interior design, there are literally a million destinations where your vision can take you, and a thousand distractions that can arise along the way.  Our proven process keeps your project on schedule, on budget, and perfectly aligned with your original vision.


Choose the Right Interior Designer

Selecting the right interior designer is essential. At Wesley-Wayne Interiors, we work diligently to ensure that every member of our team excels in the six areas that have the greatest impact on your new build or remodel:

  • Taste and style:  Does the interior designer align with your personal taste?
  • Timing:  Can they meet your deadline?
  • Spatial ability:  Does the interior designer have a strong spatial sense?
  • Listening:  Is the interior designer a good listener?
  • Creativity:  Does the interior designer offer ideas that put a smile on your face?
  • Transparency:  Does the interior designer provide full transparency?

Our Interior Design Process

Our clients have come to expect more from us than stunning interiors; they expect an organized process that makes their transition easy, painless and hassle free.  Our five-step process ensures that you’re as comfortable with our work flow as you are with our finished interiors.

  1. Schedule Your Consultation : Simply click below to book a date and time
  2. Define Scope : Take a deep dive with us to identify your design goals
  3. Design Presentation : Prepare to be awestruck by our custom plan and timeline
  4. Design Implementation : Witness how we meticulously direct every detail, from furnishings to window treatments and beyond
  5. Accessorizing : Complete the project by finding and placing just the right finishing touches

Timing is Everything

You shouldn’t have to wait forever to enjoy your investment.  In most cases, once the design plan is approved, we can fully furnish a home in just 12 weeks.  Talk to us, and let our team show you how we can fast track your project without compromising your vision.

  • We make the process easy
  • Clear and detailed timelines
  • Expedited local, national and international resources
  • Dependable tradesmen
  • Thorough project supervision
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated — a promise is a promise
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

I made the right decision to hire Wesley-Wayne Interiors. I was truly happy with the results for my home. I informed them that I had a specific time I wanted the job done, and these guys made it happen for me. For my next project, I will definitely hire them to do it. Thanks, guys!
— Pandora