Bold artistry awakens this blank canvas

This sprawling Preston Hollow home comes alive with inspired splashes of color that invigorate a calming neutral canvas of ivories and taupes. Contemporary shapes and classical forms comfortably cohabit this exquisite dwelling.


This new Plano home displays a casual sophistication that is just what the owners ordered. Time was of the essence, so Carl and his team spared no resource to capture this subtle blend of relaxation and elegance in a three-month window. The family couldn’t be more ecstatic.


This Venetian-inspired home offered Wesley-Wayne Interiors 19,000 square feet of spectacular blank canvas. Principal Interior Designer, Carl Lowery wasted no time combining classic, Mediterranean furnishings and finishes to achieve an elegant yet approachable venue for entertaining and living.


Raspberry reds, fiery oranges and azure blues light up this unique residence. The designers began their experiment in modern sophistication with a bold backdrop of bright white walls, then stir in classic furnishings and whimsical accessories to complete the effect.

Beauty and comfort on the cliff

Our focus for this project was to create a comfortable environment that took advantage of the beautiful surroundings of this house on a cliff overlooking a lake. We selected lighting and materials keying in on our client’s love for unique finishes and objects, and neutrals with a pop of her favorite purple. The end result? Comfort, beauty and a warm environment to enjoy the spectacular view.

“I have worked with many designers over the years and have never been satisfied with the results.  The thing I like about Carl Lowery is that he has very good taste.  I trust him in that I know his recommendations always are high quality  Carl has a knack for knowing what looks good with my design idea in mind.  He’s always courteous, knowledgeable, and tasteful.  He’s not a part-time designer and places himself in the Dallas design world which gives him many connections to the latest ideas and trends.” – Mark



From initial design and planning, to remodeling and project coordination, to procurement and installation — we offer a complete range of services to ensure that the creation of your home’s interior is both an easy experience and an aesthetic success.


A well thought out space plan is the foundation of a successful interior.  We work closely with you from the blueprint phase of a new build or remodel to finish out, to ensure interiors that are stylish, and that the flow and functionality of the home is in harmony with the way you live.


A window is a threshold that interweaves a home’s interior to the outside world.  We bring together drapes, shades, sheers and other elements to create treatments that are functional and appealing, and that add to the overall impact and appeal of our home.


Two of the most frequently remodeled areas of modern homes are the kitchen and bath.  By crafting timeless, appealing designs from the outset, we can help you arrive at a pleasing interior that meets your needs today, and serves your family for decades to come.


The interplay of light upon objects and textures can profoundly change or redefine their visual appeal.  We’re masters at designing lighting systems that highlight and illuminate your home to bring out its most vibrant and appealing facets.


The best time to plan your decor is during the earliest phases of planning.  Collaboration is a core strength of Wesley-Wayne.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team to ensure a seamless transition from construction, to installation, to finished home.


We can dramatically broaden your scope of possibilities by providing access to furnishings available only to the trade.  Whether you wish to draw from a palette of existing furniture or develop custom solutions, we’ll help you find the perfect fit.


We enthusiastically encourage clients to immerse themselves and get involved in selecting colors, textures and styles of flooring, tiles, paints and wall coverings that will define their home.  Our team will help you explore options, and create a palette that is stylishly coordinated and aligned with your tastes.


The right artwork or accessory can create a captivating focal point that defines the tone and atmosphere of a room.  Through our network of galleries and art buyers, we’re able to help you personalize your surroundings and create an exquisite space that is uniquely yours.


When your vision goes beyond new furnishings and surface improvements, we can put together a team that can bring dramatic structural and layout changes to your home.  We’ll also manage the project seamlessly, through a contact who is responsive to your concerns and questions.

“Designer Extraordinaire!  We loved working with Carl and his team as they redesigned several formal and informal rooms for our home.  Carl is exceptionally talented with a real flair for design.  The Wesley-Wayne team has a great creative vision that they tailor to your decorating style and can easily incorporate pieces of art or furniture that you currently own.  Everything is presented on time and within budget.  The true testament to their creativity and style is the continued compliments on the rooms that they designed for us!” – Emily V.



In the realm of interior design, there are literally a million destinations where your vision can take you, and a thousand distractions that can arise along the way.  Our proven process keeps your project on schedule, on budget, and perfectly aligned with your original vision.

Choose the Right Interior Designer

Selecting the right interior designer is essential.  At Wesley-Wayne Interiors, we work diligently to ensure that every member of our team excels in the six areas that have the greatest impact on your new build or remodel:

  • Taste and style:  Does the interior designer align with your personal taste?
  • Timing:  Can they meet your deadline?
  • Spatial ability:  Does the interior designer have a strong spatial sense?
  • Listening:  Is the interior designer a good listener?
  • Creativity:  Does the interior designer offer ideas that put a smile on your face?
  • Transparency:  Does the interior designer provide full transparency?

Our Interior Design Process

Our clients have come to expect more from us than stunning interiors; they expect an organized process that makes their transition easy, painless and hassle free.  Our five-step process ensures that you’re as comfortable with our work flow as you are with our finished interiors.

  1. 1

    Schedule Your Consultation Simply click here to book a date and time

  2. 2

    Define Scope Take a deep dive with us to identify your design goals

  3. 3

    Design Presentation Prepare to be awestruck by our custom plan and timeline

  4. 4

    Design Implementation Witness how we meticulously direct every detail, from furnishings to window treatments and beyond

  5. 5

    Accessorizing Complete the project by finding and placing just the right finishing touches

Timing is Everything

You shouldn’t have to wait forever to enjoy your investment.  In most cases, once the design plan is approved, we can fully furnish a home in just 12 weeks.  Talk to us, and let our team show you how we can fast track your project without compromising your vision.

  • We make the process easy
  • Clear and detailed timelines
  • Expedited local, national and international resources
  • Dependable tradesmen
  • Thorough project supervision
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated — a promise is a promise
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

“I made the right decision to hire Wesley-Wayne Interiors.  I was truly happy with the results for my home.  I informed them that I had a specific time I wanted the job done, and these guys made it happen for me.  For my next project, I will definitely hire them to do it.  Thanks, guys!” – Pandora



Good interior designers are defined by how much they know.  Great interior designers are defined by how well they listen.  At Wesley-Wayne Interiors, we’re masters at the art of hearing your preferences, and using our talents to translate them into unique, inspired interiors.

wesley wayne
Carl Wesley Lowery

Principal Interior Designer · President

Carl’s philosophy is simple: Make a space stunning but never unapproachable.  He works tirelessly to breathe life and energy into empty rooms, and to make interior design a fun, passionate and collaborative process.  His ability to clearly communicate abstract ideas allows clients to easily envision the final product and ultimately paves the way for a relationship built on a trust of his creative vision.

Nathan Vincent Hejl

Senior Interior Designer

A graduate of Baylor University, Nathan has had the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of clientele throughout his career, from one-room designs to multi-million dollar homes, and in styles ranging from historically traditional to ultra-modern.  In his past positions with two leading firms, he gained experience in defining his approach to interior design.  At Wesley-Wayne, he strives to weave a balance of style, detail, color and sophistication into every assignment he undertakes.

wesley wayne
Lea Do

Senior Interior Designer

Lea’s exceptional design skills have been honed by managing a variety of high-end projects from conception through implementation. She excels in setting and staying on budget without sacrificing design. Working in multiple styles, Lea is passionate for all things beautiful and her knowledge of sustainable design adds another dimension to the skills she brings to her clients.





“I worked with Carl to decorate my new house; his team always listened to what I wanted and then applied their professional touch to make it surprisingly beautiful and comfortable.  We started with the family room, the draperies and gradually we are doing the whole house.  I definitely recommend Wesley-Wayne and give them 2 thumbs up.  Great job!  Thanks Carl!” – Mei



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