best interior designer Dallas Texas


best interior designer Dallas Texas
Bold artistry awakens this blank canvas

This sprawling Preston Hollow home comes alive with inspired splashes of color that invigorate a calming neutral canvas of ivories and taupes. Contemporary shapes and classical forms comfortably cohabit this exquisite dwelling.

“I have worked with many designers over the years and have never been satisfied with the results. The thing I like about Carl Lowery is that he has very good taste. I trust him in that I know his recommendations always are high quality. Carl has a knack for knowing what looks good with my design idea in mind. He’s always courteous, knowledgeable, and tasteful. He’s not a part-time designer and places himself in the Dallas design world which gives him many connections to the latest ideas and trends.” - Mark

Our Interior Design Process

A bit of elegance. A splash of style. A whole lot of magic.

Looking for a Dallas interior designer? We will unleash the talents of our senior interior designer Carl Lowery to make your home come alive. Carl is more than an interior designer; he is a collaborator and co-conspirator. After all, every interior design project is nothing more than a whole lot of work disguised as a whole lot of fun.

Our Interior Design Process

Wesley-Wayne Interiors makes the interior design process easy. We will listen to your dreams, guide your vision and surround you with options. We simplify the process into five main steps:

  • 1 Schedule Your Consultationsimply click HERE to book a date and time
  • 2 Define Scope – Take a deep dive with us to identify your design goals
  • 3 Design Presentation – Prepare to be awestruck by our custom plan and timeline
  • 4 Design Implementation – Witness how we meticulously direct every detail, from furnishings to window treatments and beyond
  • 5 Accessorizing – Complete the project by finding and placing just the right finishing touches

Choosing the Right Interior Designer

Selecting the right interior designer is essential. Make sure you find the absolute right fit for you and your home. Here is a six-point checklist on how to select the best interior designer for you.

  • 1 Does the interior designer align with your personal taste?
  • 2 Can they meet your deadline?
  • 3 Does the interior designer have a strong spacial sense?
  • 4 Is the interior designer a good listener?
  • 5 Does the interior designer offer ideas that put a smile on your face?
  • 6 Does the interior designer provide full transparency?

Timing Is Everything

Why wait forever to enjoy your investment? In most cases, once the design plan is approved, we can fully furnish a home in just 12 weeks. Let the Wesley-Wayne team show you how we can fast track your project without compromising your vision.

  • 1 We make the process easy
  • 2 Clear and detailed timelines
  • 3 Expedited local, national and international resources
  • 4 Dependable tradesmen
  • 5 Thorough project supervision
  • 6 It doesn’t have to be complicated–a promise is a promise
  • 7 Satisfaction guaranteed
“Designer Extraordinaire! We loved working with Carl and his team as they redesigned several formal and informal rooms for our home. Carl is exceptionally talented with a real flair for design. The Wesley-Wayne team has a great creative vision that they tailor to your decorating style and can easily incorporate pieces of art or furniture that you currently own. Everything is presented on time and within budget. The true testament to their creativity and style is the continued compliments on the rooms that they designed for us!” - Emily V.

Carl + You = Inspiration

Get to know Dallas interior designer Carl Lowery

interior designer Dallas
Meet Carl

This is Dallas interior designer Carl Wesley Lowery. Carl works with his team to breathe life and energy into an empty room. Together they make interior decorating a fun, passionate, collaborative process.

Word-of-Mouth X 3

The two names that add up to inspiration. Wesley-Wayne makes your home something exquisite. And that’s all that matters.

“I made the right decision to hire Wesley-Wayne Interiors. I was truly happy with the results for my home. I informed them that I had a specific time I wanted the job done, and these guys made it happen for me. For my next project I will definitely hire them to do it. Thanks, guys!” - Pandora
“I worked with Carl to decorate my new house; his team always listened to what I wanted and then applied their professional touch to make it surprisingly beautiful and comfortable. We started with the family room, the draperies and gradually we are doing the whole house. I definitely recommend Wesley-Wayne and give them 2 thumbs up. Great job! Thanks Carl!” - Mei
“The services provided by Wesley-Wayne Interiors, LLC were awesome. They paid attention to the most minute details and were always courteous and responsive to the customer’s concerns. The project was a renovation of a residential home where we completely changed the interior and patios. You must see the before-and-after pictures of this project.” - John S.

Genius x Enthusiasm = Jawdropping

Every Wesley-Wayne design project receives the hands-on involvement of senior designer Carl Lowery. Every room gets his highest level of attention.

Looking for a Dallas interior designer you can trust? Look no further. Every Wesley-Wayne project receives the undivided attention of our senior interior designer: Carl Lowery. He and his team oversee the project from start to finish. No handoffs. No substitutes. We promise.


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Let Carl transform your interiors into something exquisite!

best interior designer Dallas Texas
best interior designer Dallas Texas
best interior designer Dallas Texas
best interior designer Dallas Texas

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